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BP Refinery Ongoing Maintenance

BP Ongoing Maintenance

Houston Controls provides this plant with highly qualified technicians supporting repair, maintenance, and upgrade of instrumentation, with particular emphasis on Process Analyzers. The Houston Controls forces are seamlessly integrated with the existing direct hire forces, and their work is directed by Plant supervision and the existing work order system.

Although the BP plant is a unionized facility, the high professionalism and technical excellence exhibited by our technicians has resulted in their complete acceptance by the existing BP workforce. In addition to the traditional repair and maintenance roles, they have been engaged in training other BP direct technicians, optimizing PM programs, and increasing the reliability of plant equipment. Their activities have been considered a "Best-Practice" for other plants needing improvements to their maintenance programs.

Houston Controls personnel provide a work resource that flexibly and cost effectively meets the Client’s need for highly qualified personnel at a competitive pay rate, with minimum overhead, and no increase in officially recognized headcount.

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