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Featured Projects:  LDH Blending

Houston Controls Commissions LDH "Greenfield" Pump and Blending Terminal


This essentially "Greenfield" project added pumping and blending capacity to the LDH company’s pipeline near Mont Belvieu, Texas. Over three hundred new loops were commissioned, along with new Fisher Delta-V control systems and large numbers of interlocked motor operated valves. Omni dedicated flow computers were added along with several custody-transfer grade control loops. Houston Controls personnel were responsible for loop checking and commissioning the interlocks, controls, and measurement loops.

Poor weather hampered construction activities, resulting in delays to mechanical project completion, but Houston Controls personnel stayed on top of the work with the owner’s representatives. Houston Controls adjusted manpower as necessary for efficient interaction with the owner’s forces during delays, and provided additional forces for speedy completion at the project end with minimum delay after mechanical completion. The result was lowest overall cost and maximum value to the Client due to attaining the earliest commissioning.

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