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Ongoing Design Projects

Houston Controls provides experienced designers to work in-house with the Client's Engineers to produce Instrument, Electrical and Analyzer designs for execution during routine plant upgrades, project work, and turnarounds or minor outages. Using the relevant codes and plant standards, and under the approval of the Client’s Engineering Staff, our designers produce drawings using Autocad, document specifications in the Client's database, and act as resources for the field construction forces during actual implementation.

Typical designs we have developed include:

  • Addition of custody transfer loops and meters
  • Addition of new control systems (PLC)
  • Addition of new control interlocks to meet PSM
  • Documentation of demo and replacement of obsolete equipment
  • Installation of new wiring, wireways, and switchgear
  • Addition of analyzers to meet new environmental regulations or to monitor new process streams

Formosa Plastics
Formosa Plastics
Instrumentation Upgrades and Construction
Valero Refinery
Valero Refinery
Analyzer Optimization Project
BP Turnaround
BP Refinery, Toledo Ohio
Large, Routine Turnaround
Industrial Image
BP Refinery Maintenance
Ongoing Maintenance commitment, integrated with Plant forces
Conoco-Phillips Refinery
Sweeny, Texas
Support for facility-wide eight-week Turnaround
Industrial Image
Ongoing Design Projects
LyondellBasell Houston Refinery
Industrial Image
Ongoing In-house TA Planning
LyondellBasell Houston Refinery
Greenfield Terminal
LDH Blending/Pumping Facility
Louis Dreyfus Energy Partners/Colonial Pipeline
Capline Turnaround
Calpine Generating Facility
Houston Controls Completes Power Station Checkout against a hard deadline