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Featured Projects: Valero Refinery

Valero Refinery, Texas City Texas, 2011

Valero Refinery

Houston Controls’ highly qualified Analyzer specialists were hired to:

  1. Review existing analyzer installations
  2. Develop optimized Maintenance procedures for all analyzers, up to and including Gas Chromatographs
  3. Train Company Direct-hire personnel in enhanced procedures
  4. Perform PM procedures as necessary
  5. Document findings and recommendations for later use by Plant Supervisory personnel

The Valero Refinery equipment list includes an interesting variety of analyzers, from old to new. Houston Controls personnel’s depth of experience and knowledge allows them to select and then implement the best strategy to yield maximum reliability at minimum cost. Houston Controls personnel are readily accepted as subject- matter experts by the receiving plants, thus providing smooth integration with Direct Hire forces. This project has resulted in verifiable savings for the Refinery, and increased uptime for analyzer equipment.

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