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Services: Instrumentation


Houston Controls provides instrumentation procurement and installation services. We specialize in control system retrofits and can perform them during outages or by utilizing "Hot cut-over". We perform the following services either "Turn-key" or to meet the Client's needs, in maintenance, construction or turnaround environments.

Typical services are outlined below:

  • Instrument sensor and metering installation
  • Instrument control valve installation, connection and test
  • Shop calibration of instruments
  • Conduit and wiring installation
  • Marshalling panel fabrication and installation
  • DCS system installation
  • PLC system installation
  • SIS system installation
  • Alarm system installation
  • Loop check and documentation
  • SIS, FAT and SAT witness and documentation
  • Inspection and QC of installations and loop test activities
  • Troubleshooting and re-commissioning of systems during startup periods
  • Shop surveillance for overhaul activities
  • Programming PLC controllers per the Client’s logic
  • Configuration of DCS loops per the Client’s requirements
Formosa Plastics
Formosa Plastics
Instrumentation Upgrades and Construction
Valero Refinery
Valero Refinery
Analyzer Optimization Project
BP Turnaround
BP Refinery, Toledo Ohio
Large, Routine Turnaround
Industrial Image
BP Refinery Maintenance
Ongoing Maintenance commitment, integrated with Plant forces
Conoco-Phillips Refinery
Sweeny, Texas
Support for facility-wide eight-week Turnaround
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Ongoing Design Projects
LyondellBasell Houston Refinery
Industrial Image
Ongoing In-house TA Planning
LyondellBasell Houston Refinery
Greenfield Terminal
LDH Blending/Pumping Facility
Louis Dreyfus Energy Partners/Colonial Pipeline
Capline Turnaround
Calpine Generating Facility
Houston Controls Completes Power Station Checkout against a hard deadline